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A world-class experience

A world-class experience

Royal Arena is a modern-day sports cathedral

Published 11.02.2017 13:16 GMT+3 | Author Michael Sovso
A world-class experience
The newly opened Royal Arena will be the stage for 34 games of the 2018 IIHF WM – including the final. Photo: Royal Arena & 3XN
Tbe CEO of Royal Arena is eager to welcome ice hockey fans from all over the world, and he is sure fans from all over the world will enjoy a unique experience.

The newly opened Royal Arena lies majestically in one of the newest parts of Copenhagen, Orestaden and it is all set to become the setting for one of the greatest sport spectacles on earth when the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championshi rolls into town, in May 2018.

Ice hockey fans from all over the world are in for a treat, when they visit Copenhagen and Royal Arena in 2018 during 2018 IIHF WM. A promise made by Dan Hammer, the CEO of Royal Arena – and a huge ice hockey fan.

”Royal Arena is unlike anything else we have in Denmark. People will experience a venue like no other. Like in the NHL we have the chance to make a show with light and darkness. It will feel like a sports cathedral, when the light is turned off and the players skate onto the ice. I am looking forward to experiencing that in a Danish arena,” says Dan Hammer

To the public, Dan Hammer is well-known for his time in Copenhagen’s biggest football club, FC Copenhagen. A lesser known fact is, that he also has a huge interest in ice hockey. An interest sparked at a young age, when he played pond hockey with a stick and puck in the back alley of his parent’s apartment.

Now Dan Hammer hopes to be a contributing factor in enlightening Danes on the exciting sport of ice hockey.

A venue for all

“When I heard that Royal Arena was in contention for hosting the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship I was thrilled. Live Nation (the management company responsible for Royal Arena) has a backing of enthusiastic ice hockey fans with a Canadian CEO and a Swedish chairman. They are truly devoted to ice hockey and hopefully we can all help further ice hockey as a sport in Denmark.

And in Dan’s opinion there is no better way to show of the capabilities of this impressive arena than to be hosting the IIHF VM.

“No event will better symbolize the meaning of the arena than a World Championship in ice hockey. Royal Arena is not only a venue for Copenhagen, but a place for all of Denmark and Sweden to gather, and the IIHF WM is the perfect way of getting the public to embrace this place as their own.”

Metallica just played the last of a string of concerts last night, but in under 500 days the floor of Royal Arena will be turned into ice in preparation for the 34 games being played during the 2018 IIHF WM, including the semifinals, third place playoff and the final.

Moving the border of Sweden

Royal Arena will be able to accommodate 12,500 fans for each game during the IIHF WM, and the organizer plans that Sweden will play all their games in the Preliminary Round in the new venue. This means that fans of Tre Kronor only have a very short distance to travel to see their Swedish heroes in action.

And the fans dressed in blue and yellow are more than welcome to turn Royal Arena into their home ground for those games according to Dan Hammer.

“Personally, I want to see as many games in Royal Arena as my schedule allows, when the IIHF WM comes to Copenhagen. I’m especially looking forward to inviting the Swedes over to their Danish home ground. The Swedish fans are always a guarantee for a joyful party.”

Dan Hammer also has a secret wish for who he wants to see in the final.

“I watched Sweden play Canada in Prague a few years back together with 5,000 ecstatic Swedish fans. That was a joy. I hope to see those two nations clash again – preferably in the final.”

More likely to win the world cup

Had you asked Dan Hammer in the 1980s about seeing 16 of the world’s best ice hockey nations competing on Danish ice he would had laughed. Today he is astonished and strongly impressed about the fact that Royal Arena is one of the central stages of such a huge event.

“The evolution of Danish ice hockey has been crazy. Had anybody told me in the 1980s that we would be this good at ice hockey AND hosting a World Championship, I couldn’t even have imagined it back then.”

“At that time it was easier to believe in Denmark winning the world cup of football or hosting it, than it was imagining something like this with ice hockey. I’m almost lost for words for how big this is for a comparatively small sport in Denmark. This is the definition of an underdog achievement.”


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