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Fortress of Jutland

Fortress of Jutland

BOXEN cheering for Denmark and hockey guests

Published 18.02.2017 17:11 GMT+3 | Author Michael Sovso
Fortress of Jutland
Jyske Bank BOXEN will be one of two arenas to host the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the other being the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. BOXEN will be home for the Danish national team during the Worlds – and the stage is set for roaring support.
Jyske Bank BOXEN will be a fortress for the Danish national team, but CEO Georg Sorensen is just as proud of hosting the event and welcoming seven other nations

Herning equals hockey and the city has one of the longest and proudest histories of hockey in Denmark. A history that includes the winningest team in Danish history, Herning Blue Fox, and one of the most productive talent development programs.

Many of the players on the Danish national team who also play in the NHL were born and trained in Herning, including Frans Nielsen, Frederik Andersen, Nicklas Jensen, Oliver Bjorkstrand and former NHLer Peter Regin.

When Denmark’s first big multi-purpose arena Jyske Bank BOXEN in Herning opened in 2010 it seemed like a given that if Denmark ever were to host the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, Herning and Jyske Bank BOXEN would have to play a part.

In 2018 the dream is coming come true for the people of Herning, Jutland and the rest of Denmark, as Jyske Bank BOXEN sets the stage for an epic sports drama between the Danish national team and seven other ice hockey nations during the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship the city will host together with Copenhagen.

Prepare for a party

The people behind Jyske Bank BOXEN, Messecenter Herning, are known for their commitment and ability to create big events, which the fans want to gather around. Both Danish and international fans going to Herning can expect the highest level of service from the organizers.

The fans should prepare themselves for an amazing time, as the people behind Jyske Bank BOXEN really know how to celebrate and throw a big party. This becomes even more evident when it comes to sports.

”Jyske Bank BOXEN is designed to gather people around big and unique experiences, and has already set the stage for concerts, big TV shows and the European Championships in handball and swimming,” says the CEO of Jyske Bank Boxen, Georg Sorensen.

The party will not be isolated to the arena, as Herning has a tradition for creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the city that invites all to celebrate and participate in the event.

Designed for ice hockey

Georg Sorensen

Georg Sørensen has worked with events in Denmark and Herning for almost 30 years with great success for which he has been honoured with The Order of the Dannebrog.

Another unique opportunity when travelling to Herning is the chance to experience the dedicated Danish fans, who turned Jyske Bank BOXEN into a national fortress during the European Championships in handball and swimming. In May 2018 the Danish national ice hockey team can look forward to receiving the same royal treatment from the Danes.

”Jyske Bank BOXEN is designed to accommodate ice hockey games especially well, and we are eagerly waiting to welcome the Danish ice hockey heroes and the many fans,” says George Sorensen.

And even though Herning will be the gathering point for the Danish national team and loads of local fans, other nations can expect a warm welcome as all Denmark comes together in a roaring and festive support of the heroes of ice hockey.

”It is a great honour and privilege that we get to host this historic sport event, and we will take pains to make sure that Denmark’s home ground is all it can be in 2018,” explains Georg Sorensen.

And to make sure that every player on the ice is at his best, the existing ice hockey rink in Herning, Kvik Hockey Arena, will undergo modifications to accommodate the visiting teams with state-of-the-art practice facilities.

Born in the USA

Besides the Danish national team, seven other teams from the world’s elite ice hockey nations will also travel to Herning to play in Jyske Bank BOXEN. The visiting teams can expect the ground-shaking support from locals who are crazy about hockey and having a good time. Likewise, there will be plenty of opportunities for travelling fans to experience and mingle with the festive supporters, which has made Denmark famous at sporting events around the world.

Herning itself has some very strong ties to other ice hockey nations. One such example being the American coach of Herning Blue Fox and former player with 1,199 points for Herning (all-time record in Denmark), Todd Bjorkstrand. Todd also happens to be the father of NHL player Oliver Bjorkstrand who has just been recalled by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Todd Bjorkstrand’s goal song in the Danish super league was the Bruce Springsteen classic “Born in the USA”.

Finnish connection

Finland is another ice hockey nation with strong ties to Denmark and especially Herning, who surprised everyone when the city´s ice hockey club signed with a player coming directly from the NHL, Finland’s Petri Skriko. It was a sensational signing by a Danish club to put it mildly.

Skriko played five seasons in Denmark and in his 249 games he scored a massive 549 points, giving him the fans’ compliment of being the most elegant skater ever to lace up in the Danish hockey league.

The signing of Skriko was the first, but it paved the way for many of his fellow countrymen to play in Denmark and Herning.

To this day Skriko still holds Herning and its residents in high regard.


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