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Want to be a volunteer?

Want to be a volunteer?

Here are all the volunteer roles needed for 2018

Published 20.01.2017 20:00 GMT+3 | Author Organizing Committee
Want to be a volunteer?
Volunteers during the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in the Czech Republic. Photo: 2015 IIHF WM OC
Are you planning on volunteering as part of the FACE-OFF FORCE team, when Denmark is hosting the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in May 2018?

More than 1,000 volunteers will be needed before, during and after the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Denmark. On this page, you get the chance to study the different functions needed, if you are considering volunteering for the event.

Do you enjoy working with IT and electronics, then our Media Centre and IT crew needs you! Are you an ice hockey aficionado, then you have the opportunity to work close the ice when we put together the Game Operation & Statistic team!

When the applications open 1st February 2017, you may choose up to three priorities and here is your chance to get a sneak peek of what to choose when the time comes to fill in your application!


Field of work




This is the job where you get to meet everybody!

At the accreditation centre all guests, e.g. media staff, special guests, IIHF staff and others, will get their passes for the different areas inside the arenas. As a volunteer, you will welcome the guests, check their ID’s, take a photo and create an accreditation for them. Most of the work will be in front of a provided computer, therefore we appreciate volunteers who have experience with computers and with a flair for organizing simple data.  


April 28 – May 20

Administration (all-round)

Looking for a diverse experience? You will sign-in at the volunteer centre and get tasks assigned depending on what is needed on any given day. You might get sent to the media centre, the ice level, the congress, fan-zones, etc.

If you do not like your days to be all the same, this is the job for you. No day is the same!


May 1 – May 20


Here is your chance to contribute to a fair and equal competition, as you will be helping official Anti-Doping control.

Like any other major event there will be implemented an anti-doping program to ensure a fair competition. As a volunteer your job is to guide the selected player to the anti-doping room and back. There will be extended training with the official Anti-Doping Denmark team. You need to be male to do this due to the gender of the competitors.  

May 4 – May 20

Car drivers and transportation service

Do you like driving and do you know your way around Copenhagen or Herning?

During the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, there will be a lot of official guests who need to be transported between their hotels and the arena, airports or other places around the host cities.

Another function is to work inside the shuttle service centre to welcome guests and coordinate their trips. It is recommended, that you know the surroundings of the city you are going to work in, and you need a category B driver license to work as a driver.


May 1 – May 20


(CPH only)

In the last week of the event, Copenhagen will host the IIHF Annual Congress. The Congress is a formal event and you, as a volunteer, will get the opportunity to work amongst key decision makers within the sport of ice hockey. You will be serving food and drinks, checking tickets, handing the microphone around, etc.


May 14 – May 19

Entertainment and ceremonies

During the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, there will be a host of ceremonies which are organized official committee. As a volunteer, you will be convoying players, VIPs and others to the ceremonies and be part of installing the podiums on the ice.

You might also be elected as a prize ceremony hostess.


May 4 – May 20

Game Operations & Statistics


An essential part of a successful IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is the professional execution of all games and statistics related operations for each game - and we want to set new standards for the skill level and professionalism of off-ice official volunteers for an IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

We are looking for people with a great understanding of the game of ice hockey, who have excellent people skills, great focus and concentration. You will be under intense pressure during the games with a great responsibility for delivering time critical information to TV, other media and fans all around the world as well as inside the arenas.

We have open spots for the common key positions for a hockey game; public announcer, official scorer, time keeper and penalty box attendants. We also need FACE-OFF FORCE member to a  statistics crew, who will be registering individual player statistics like face-off performance, shots on goal, time on ice etc.

You must be able to work multiple games during the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship as we need tight-knitted crews in both arenas who perform at their absolute best throughout the tournament. Furthermore, you must be able to participate in training sessions and pre-tournament test games - information will follow later.


May 1- May 20


Hospitality/VIP centre

Do you want to provide the best possible service for all the VIPs during the IIHF World Championship?

Inside the hospitality area there will be catering and meetings including special guests, sponsors and VIPs. Your job will be to support the organization and provide great service to these quests.

If you see yourself as an outgoing and friendly person, this is your chance to help create a great atmosphere at the Hospitality/VIP Centre. 


May 4 – May 20

Hotel service

The official guests of the championship will stay at hotels in either Copenhagen or Herning. As a Hotel Service volunteer, you will be the first person that our guests approach besides the hotel reception.

Your job is to provide our guests with event information and support in many different matters.


May 1 – May 20

IT and electronics

The media, including journalists, staff and TV channels need proper internet and IT services for their work during the 2018 IIHF WM. Our IT team will need your support to provide the necessary level of IT solution, so you should be familiar with computers and IT. This section will also be responsible for the delivery of all electronics and other items like laptops, printer, coffee machines etc.


May 1 – May 20

Logistics and facilities

A well-functioning technical infrastructure is one of the most important factors for a successful event. As a volunteer, you work together with our arena operations team on delivering a perfect production. Physical work (construction and dismantling) can be a part of this job. Besides the physical work, we need volunteers to handle the décor of certain rooms.


April 24 – May 24

Medical support

Ice hockey is a contact sport and some players will need medical attention during the 2018 IIHF WM. Your job will be to support the medical staff. You need to have a first aid certification for this job type.


May 4 – May 20

Media centre assistant

In both Copenhagen and Herning there will be a media centre for journalists from all over the world. As part of the volunteer staff in the media centre you will assist the journalists, photographers and TV crews with their reporting. Tasks may include delivering statistics, some multimedia design, work on social platforms, etc. 

This is a great opportunity to work with professional journalists and reporters and get some experience in media.


May 4 – May 20

Security & Stewards

A volunteer team of security staff will handle all matters related to security in and around the venues, hotels and practice arenas. The team will work closely together with police authorities and our professional security partners. Security is extremely important during the event and if you have experience within the work of safety we need you! Experience with handling security matters is required. Furthermore, you will receive extended additional training before the event.  


April 24 – May 23

Sport Technical Staff

The sport technical staff section is working directly with the operations of the games. This is fantastic opportunity to work near the ice in both host arenas! Your job will be to create optimal conditions for the games and the team supply together with your team and the arena sport technical staff.


May 1 – May 20


Team Host

Each of the 16 teams at the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship needs a Team Host.

As a Team Host you will follow the team on all locations 24/7 doing the tournament. You will get your own hotel room in the team hotel close to the team. For this special function, you must be available at all times during the entire tournament.

You need to speak the native language of the team you are hosting for (e.g. Russian, English, Swedish). The participating countries will be known by the end of May 2017.


May 1 – May 20

Ticketing and Parking Attendants

Do you want to be the first person to greet the many spectators and give them a warm welcome?

A large team of volunteers will handle ticket control and guide spectators to their designated areas. The ticketing and parking crew will also carry out ticketing and access control to buildings, offices and handle the parking areas. If you are an open and friendly person we need you to welcome the many spectators arriving to the arenas and welcome them to the 2018 IIFH Ice Hockey World Championship!


May 1 – May 20

Volunteer Management

This is your chance to ensure that every volunteer feel as comfortable and happy as possible.

With an estimated total of 1,000 volunteers in Copenhagen and Herning, we need a dedicated group of volunteers to manage the Volunteer Centre. The Volunteer Centre will be a place for other volunteers to receive information, relax, eat, drink coffee and play games between work shifts.

Your job is to make sure everything is as pleasant as possible for you and your fellow volunteers.


May 1 – May 20


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