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Become a part of the FACE-OFF FORCE at the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Denmark!


The volunteer registration is open now – apply here

For the first time, ever, Denmark will be hosting the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and we are looking for more than 1,000 enthusiastic volunteers to make it a successful event!

This is your chance to become a vital part of one of the world´s largest sporting events, when the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship arrives in Denmark, May 2018. It is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get close to the world’s best ice hockey players, as they skate on to the ice, to represent their country and bring home the trophy.

Our volunteer program offers a wide range of different tasks. The application form will be released on 1 February 2017. In the form, you can prioritize up to three work areas including: Game Operation, Accreditation, Anti-doping, Transportation, Entertainment, Stewards and many others. Your function will be confirmed 1 December 2017, and then the countdown to Face-off begins!

The event takes place from 4 May to 20 May 2018 in Copenhagen (Royal Arena) and Herning (Jyske Bank Boxen). We will need volunteers at both locations during that period, however, some positions will commence on 24 April and some will continue until 23 May. We will announce the requirements for volunteers, when registration opens in February 2017.

You can only apply online!

Volunteer registration will close on 10 October 2017. Selection of volunteers will be announced on 1 December 2017.

Do you have the passion and drive that an Ice Hockey WC requires, and can you picture yourself as a volunteer and part of our Face-Off Force?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registration

How old must I be to apply as a FACE-OFF FORCE member?
You need to be 18 years old on May 1st 2018 to be a volunteer. You can apply before you turn 18, as long as you are of that age by the time of the event.

Is it possible for me to apply although I do not live in Denmark?
Yes, everyone who wants to be a volunteer can apply. The nationality or home country is not important to us. Just keep in mind that no matter if you live in Denmark or not, we cannot pay your travelling expenses and that you need to speak English on a basic level.

Are there any requirements I must fulfill?
Besides the requirements regarding age and language skills there are no other general requirements for volunteering. For some volunteer functions, certain certificates are required though, e.g. Security and Anti-Doping.

It looks like I need to prioritize 3 work areas. What if I only am interested in working with my number one priority? 
You only have to choose one priority and are welcome to leave the other two blank. On the other hand, if you don’t get your first choice, it means you will not be chosen to volunteer at the event. Another option is to pick Administration (all-round) as the second priority due to the different tasks included in that description and then you might even work in smaller parts with your number one priority.

When I apply as a Danish citizen, I must state my CPR Number. Or when I apply as a non-Danish citizen, I must state my Passport Number. Why is this information required?
The decision to collect personal information has been made together with the Danish Police Authorities. We ensure that your personal information will only be handled by the Organizing Committee of the 2018 IIHF World Championship Denmark, and by the Danish authorities, in case of a background check due to security matters.

When will I be able to start, and do I have to be there every single day?
Some of the volunteer tasks will start a few days before the official opening, 4th May 2018, and some will end after the last game day, 20th May.

On the sign-up form, you will be able to choose which periods you want to volunteer. There are four different periods:

  • Preparation Week:   26/4 – 3/5 2018
  • Week 1: 4/5 - 11/5 2018
  • Week 2: 12/5 - 17/5 2018
  • Final Play-off Weekend in Copenhagen: 18/5 – 20/5 2018

When selecting volunteers for the various positions, we will give priority to applicants who are working as many days as possible. To be accepted as a volunteer, you must as a minimum sign up for either Week 1 or Week 2. In case you only sign-up for week 2 in Copenhagen, then you must also sign up for the Final Play-off weekend in Copenhagen.

It is likely that you will not have to work every day in your chosen weeks.

Please pay attention to the fact that during the 4 work periods there are three Danish public holidays.

Can I work at the Final Playoff Weekend even if I am in Herning Week 1 and/or Week 2?
Yes, it will be possible for you to work in Herning during the Preparation Week, Week 1 and/or Week 2, AND also work in the Final Play-off Weekend in Copenhagen. However, the selection of Herning volunteers for the final Play-off weekend in Copenhagen will depend on the number of available positions.

I want to be an Area Manager – where do I apply?
We are searching for Area Managers and Assistants for every work area function who will be accountable for coordinating the work throughout the event and for some also to help plan the work before the World Championship. We will post the positions on our website: and Facebook. If you already know you want to apply for the position as Area Manager or Assistant and got further questions, please contact It is also possible to choose ‘Yes’ in the sign-up form regarding this matter.

What clothing do I need to bring to work as a volunteer at the Ice Hockey World Championship?
In the sign-up form, we ask you to provide us with sizes for a polo shirt/T-shirt, jacket, pants and shoes. Every volunteer will receive a clothing package. We will let you know exactly what to bring yourself, as soon as the included items in the clothing package have been decided.

I’ve made a mistake in the sign-up form and want to know how to correct it?
If you make a mistake during the sign up, you simply just login again with the password provided on your given e-mail, and then correct the mistake. The only information you cannot change is the provided e-mail. If there is a mistake with your e-mail during the sign up you can send an e-mail to which includes your name, surname, the date of birth and the e-mail you typed in, then we will change it for you.

When do I get the information that I am selected as a volunteer?
By 1st December 2017 every applicant will receive information about the selection of volunteers for the various positions.

So, I am not ensured a spot as a FACE-OFF FORCE member after I apply?
No, we cannot guarantee every applicant a spot as we only need a certain number of volunteers, but we will do our absolute best to get everyone on the FACE-OFF FORCE!

2. The event

Do I get any money for my travelling expenses?
No, all travelling expenses must be paid in full by each volunteer.

How do I get prepared for my tasks as a volunteer?
There will be training sessions before the event where you will get all the details you need for your function. We will host these sessions in January 2018 and tell you about the processes, functions and the work as a volunteer.

You need to be part of this training to become a volunteer at the 2018 IIHF World Championship – information will follow throughout and after the application phase. We plan to provide specialized training (incl. relevant certifications) for certain job functions, e.g. Security and Anti-Doping.

How can I find accommodation in the host cities?
We will send you an overview of low-cost accommodations in Copenhagen/Herning together with your agreement sheet. Furthermore, we will ask the volunteers from Copenhagen/Herning if there is the possibility to accommodate volunteers at their houses/apartments.

Do I get paid for my job as a volunteer?
No, there is no payment for our FACE-OFF FORCE members but you get the following allowances in kind:

  • The chance to be part of one of the biggest sport event ever hosted in Denmark!
  • Meals, snacks, soft drinks, coffee etc. while you are at work
  • FACE-OFF FORCE clothing package
  • Insurance while at the event
  • Access to volunteer kick-off and training sessions before the event
  • Invitation to volunteer party after the event
  • Volunteer certificate afterwards

Do I get tickets for the games either in Copenhagen or Herning?
No, we cannot provide free tickets to volunteers for the IIHF 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship.

Will I be allowed to watch the games while I have a break or if I am not at work?
For most games, you may be able to watch if you do not have a job at the same time and if there are available spots. Sold-out matches – and potentially also some non-sold out matches – may be closed entirely for access to seats without a ticket. Furthermore, a lot of the volunteers will have a natural access to watch the games due to their field of work.

Is there an insurance for me while I am attending the volunteer program?
Yes, every volunteer is insured by us. The insurance covers accidents while you are working and a personal liability insurance for every volunteer. You are covered by the insurance even if you are not from Denmark.

How do you regulate the working timetable and leisure time of the volunteers?
The work hours will depend on which volunteer function you are working in. The details will be stated in your agreement with the Area Manager of your volunteer function. While having a rest, you can use the volunteer center in either Copenhagen or Herning to meet other volunteers. Within the center, we will provide food, snacks, coffee/tee, games and areas for relaxing.

Do I get a volunteer certificate?
Yes, every volunteer will get a certificate after the tournament.

Terms and conditions - privacy statement

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has appointed the Danish Ice Hockey Federation (DIU) to organize the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship (2018 IIHF WM). DIU has established a company, Ishockey VM 2018 P/S, which will organize the 2018 IIHF WM in Denmark (Copenhagen and Herning). Ishockey VM 2018 P/S is partly owned by Infront Sports & Media AG. All information about this championship is available on the IIHF event website:

As a candidate for a volunteer position for the 2018 IIHF WM, you are about to submit personal data to Ishockey VM 2018 P/S via a candidate form available online from the above-mentioned website.

In accordance with Article 3, section 8, in The Act on Processing of Personal Data, you hereby understand and agree that your personal data is being handled and processed by Ishockey VM 2018 P/S and will be accessible to Ishockey VM 2018 P/S and the IIHF.

The data submitted by you will be used towards the following ends:

  • as part of the volunteer selection process, to evaluate your qualifications and personal experience, and to determine if you fulfill the specific requirements of a task/mission as a volunteer during the 2018 IIHF WM,
  • if necessary, as part of the accreditation process, if you were to be appointed as a volunteer at the end of the selection process,
  • furthermore, the personal data may be used in a background check conducted by the Danish authorities in case of security matters.

You confirm that all the information submitted with the online application is correct, precise and complete.

Your personal data will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality by Ishockey VM 2018 P/S, and they will be recorded in a secure database held by Ishockey VM 2018 P/S.

If you wish to exert your right and obtain a copy of the information that concerns you, please contact:

You understand that your online application does not entail, nor guarantee, your selection as a volunteer. It does not in any way give you rights of any sorts as part of the recruitment process.